For several years we have heard about the hype of stem cell transplants. First off, you might be asking “What the heck is a “Stem” Cell?” Stem cells are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells. In some cases, they also fix damaged tissues.

 At first people were questioning it, then began to embrace the science. Today more and more people are signing up for stem cell therapies, such as injections in their fingers to fight off arthritis to keep their bodies young. One client flew to Mexico and went to one of the highest ranked physicians to receive a therapy and returned home to learn that his body rejected the treatment.  This was a total loss for him.

However, now there is a new way to get stem cell therapy that is non-invasive, all natural and works more effectively, without risking your body rejecting the treatment.

This is a simple patch worn on your body for 24 hours.  In this time, the patch is activated by your own body heat.  The copper peptide triggers your very own stem cells to renew and restore back to a more youthful version!  Clinical studies have shown life expectancy to increase as well as the signs of aging such as wrinkles become less apparent.  

Bring back youth and restore your life in every way with the Stem Cell Patches featured in our ENSELE Store.  We offer them, our clients love them, and so will you!

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