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After just one week of LENS neurofeedback, Zara feels a boost of energy and improvement with her depression and overall mental health.

Shelly, a client with chronic anxiety reports 60-70% improvement with her anxiety symptoms after just two Neurofeedback sessions. 

Our client reviews his experience with Lens neurofeedback and our Balancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage, both offering him almost immediate results, including improved anxiety and more.

A skeptical client shares her positive experience with neurofeedback after feeling exhaustion and anxiety. 

Osiris, a client with prolonged physical and mental pain experienced significant improvement with her sciatica, stomach pain, tinnitus, anxiety, and more by balancing her brain through Lens Neurofeedback. 

15-year-old Lucky came to Ensele as a last resort after a terminal diagnosis of bone cancer. After only 3 treatments, Lucky is seeing improvement with his eyes, energy levels and is attempting to walk again!

Veteran on disability for 30 years, depressed, suicidal, and suffering from chronic cluster headaches recovers in under 30 days! Jim no longer has depression, PTSD, sleep issues, returned to work and he has not had a cluster headache since!

Just 4 days before life support was set to be pulled, this mom recovers from a coma, stroke, paralysis to tell the doctors she wants to fight for her life. ENSELE was first able to see brain activity and our neurofeedback treatment helped her out of her coma in less than a week.

Our client overcame trauma, OCD, and side effects from medications after years of seeking help. In a matter of a few weeks, our client was not only back to work but they experienced a dramatic improvement in their overall brain function and wellness. 

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"I was able to avoid surgery and get off all of my medications"

So many of our clients have cycled through doctors and medications and they come to us at the last hour seeking help. We have had consistent success with our clients healing naturally on their treatment protocols, and a large majority come off of at least one or more medications within the first month of their protocol. 

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