Bio-resonance Scan

| Bio-resonance Scan | ENSELE May 2024
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Benefits of Bio-resonance (Bio-Scan)

  • Early detection of cancer or disease
  • Unknown or “mysterious” health issues
  • Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Stroke
  • Joint pain & nerve pain
  • Allergies
  • Cell damage
  • Organ malfunction
  • Fibromyalgia

E=mc2 is the most famous equation in the world, yet modern man and medicine willfully ignore the implications of this remarkable Einstein discovery. In this equation, we see that matter equates to and is essentially made up of energy. You would note that matter is, in essence, organized energy. Information is the organizing principle.

Hence when looking at biology and medicine, we cannot just look at the biochemical nature of the body. We must also look at the energy and information of the body. Because, at this level of biophysics, the source of health in the body (as well as its deterioration) is clearly evident: properly organized information and energy within the body equates to overall wellbeing and an “optimal blueprint” for homeostasis and health. When either the information or energy within the body becomes distorted, health deteriorates.


| Bio-resonance Scan | ENSELE May 2024
| Bio-resonance Scan | ENSELE May 2024

The truth is simple.

Modern medicine has been designed to focus on the Newtonian understanding of physics. This model, portrays the world as an intricate mechanism, understanding the human body as a wonderful piece of machinery. Very naturally, if a part of that machinery fails, a method is sought to repair or replace the failed part. Supplying the body with tangible aids such as diagnoses, medications, and surgeries, all of which have their place.

But with Einstein, came the groundwork for quantum physics which recognizes that matter- at the particle level-is energy. This includes what we refer to as the physical body. As beings of energy, we understand that we are affected by energy. 

Health is a clear flow of energy. When your body is harmoniously working and moving in its own pace, you have a high level of energy, which produces happiness, joy and well-being. In balance, your system works independently from the mind and soul, giving you the opportunity to create this state for longer periods of time. When you test your bioenergetic field with ENSELE Testing you know how your energy is affected by things in your life, you will be able to take responsibility for the health and wellness of your body and mind.

We are not a traditional DNA or genetic testing company, but rather a next-generation bioenergy testing company focused on an individual’s overall well-being. Over the past three years, we have worked with thousands of clients and hundreds of wellness professionals demonstrating the powers of our testing.

What is a “Bio-Scan” ?

“Our bodies are electromagnetic machines. We simply can’t move a muscle or produce a thought without an electrical impulse – and wherever there is electricity, a magnetic field is also produced, which is why we link the two together into one word: electromagnetic.” ― Ann Louise Gittleman

Used by healthcare providers as an adjunct screening tool, this gentle and non-invasive device sends out an electromagnetic wave signal of extremely low intensity to the biofield around the brain and nervous network via specially designed headphones. The NLS device is the most advanced resonance spectroscopy analysis. Each organ has a specific, frequency range of magnetic vortex states, which are displayed in chart form and delivered as a health assessment. Detection of subtle imbalances or “stress potentials” in your body are then recorded by the software, which helps the practitioner plan your custom protocol.

Simply saying, it is an advanced Non-Invasive Diagnostic Device for physical examination & analysis to scan and detect the functional status of the human body or to trace the gradually formed abnormal conditions in the tissue, cell, chromosome, DNA helix, molecule or the entire organ.

Bioresonance Scan
Bioresonance Scan

What happens after a Bio-Scan?

Following your scan, your provider will take an in-depth look at markers are needing attention and go over your results and treatment options with you. The only side-effects are having a real understanding of your current state of health!

More Information

Bioresonance is based on the concept and observation that all living organisms and their components, the cells, tissues and organs, emit measurable electromagnetic waves. The frequency of these waves can vary from cell to cell or organ to organ and from tissue to tissue, based on their biochemical and physiological environment. It has also been shown and measured that electromagnetic waves or oscillations emitted by diseased organs vary from those emitted by healthy cells due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage.

By working with different tissues and organs under different pathological conditions it has been shown that each disease state elicits its own signature resonance frequency compared to the healthy ones. With modern electronic equipment, it allows non-invasive scans to detect different diseases.

How does it work through headphones?

Headphones have binaural SBA-sensors, which produce acoustic vibrations with certain frequency. These acoustic oscillations goes to the structure of the medulla oblongata in two ways: 1. By bone conduction through the temporal bone 2. For acoustic conduction through the auditory canal and the complex (the membrane – malleus-incus).

This method of obtaining information is called – Bioresonance.

Medical Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition.

Bioresonance Scan
Bioresonance Scan

Custom Tinctures

Our bioresonance scan is capable of measuring the effectiveness of remedies such as food supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc. By means of this function, it can find the most efficient remedy for the client. The scanner can identify which therapeutic remedies work best and which burdens are present. The energy of the substance is actually imprinted into water in a very special way. Because the process is energetic and not chemical, it is known (when the right remedy is found) to work instantly and shift energy to and cause healing.

* For those not physically present, you can send in your nails as DNA sample and receive the same benefits!

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