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| About Us | ENSELE April 2024
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Our Mission is to Help People Heal All Naturally, Without Medications

Welcome To The Nation's Leading Natural Wellness Center

ENSELE is a holistic wellness center focused on facilitating healing in the body, mind, and soul. Offering Brain Optimization, Neurofeedback, Quantum Healing, Light Therapy, Bio-Resonance Scanning, Frequency Healing, Lymphatic Drainage, and more, ENSELE is unlike any other healing facility. Our customized, integrative, and comprehensive approach to overall wellness and disease prevention allows us to achieve optimal results. By utilizing the most advanced, cutting-edge technology combined with ENSELE’s patented methodology we can provide the tools necessary for optimal wellness, all the way down to the cellular level.

We use state-of-the-art, clinically researched alternative medicine, integrative therapies, and innovative technology to offer our clients the highest level of care.

Our clients are able to avoid surgery and medication while seeing remarkable improvements & relief from a wide range of health issues, both mental and physical. Some of these include the following: ADHD, Anxiety, Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune Diseases, Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Cognitive Function, Covid Treatment and Recovery, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Detoxification, Diabetes, Digestive issues, Eating Disorders, Gut issues, Lyme’s DiseaseMigraines, Mobility, MS, Parasites, Parkinson’s, Reproductive and Fertility issues, Stroke, Schizophrenia, Skin issues, STD’s various, Weight management, and many more.


What We Do


ENSELE offers a variety of healing services for mental, emotional, and physical pain. Our non-invasive technologies use light, sound, and energy frequencies to naturally heal and rebalance you back to a healthy state, regardless of your condition. We are fully committed to delivering lasting results to help you live the life you deserve! At ENSELE, our approach is personalized, taking into account financial budget, lifestyle, and location to ensure optimal results.

How We Can Help


Regardless of age, condition, or even species (we treat animals too!) ENSELE holds space for all. Ailments and diseases are caused by imbalances in our brain and body, beginning on a cellular level. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies to restore balance in the brain so that the body can respond quickly and effectively. All of our services are available in-office and remotely with your dedicated ENSELE provider. Our clients receive genuine care throughout their journey and undergo phenomenal health transformations with our individualized treatment protocols. To read more about the many lives that have been changed at ENSELE, see our ‘Testimonials’ page.

Our Providers


Selene Kepila


Zarah Ruffman

Zarah Ruffman

Lead Provider & Nutrition Coach

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Assistant Manager

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Brigitte Berg

Energy Healer & Life Coach

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Sarah cohen

Lead Provider Animal Wellness

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Lindsay Maxoutopoulis

Brand Manager Content Creator Social media

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Lisa Spillman

Provider & Founder of Master Your Mind Toronto, Ca

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Hannah Rodriguez

Neuro Emotional Technique

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Karen J

Trauma Muscle Release Bodyworker


Katie Nuckolls

Neurolight / Third Eye Activation, Mind Mastery Training for Kids

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Sofia Lynn Rïsberg

Divine Love Energy Healing


Debbie Dempsey

Acupuncture & Hocatt

Founder's message

Selene Kepila, founder of ENSELE, is a nationally recognized health expert, speaker, natural-healing provider and health coach, specializing in Brain Optimization.


For over two decades, Selene has served clients in the USA and around the world!

Her mission is to help increase awareness on natural, holistic healing so that surgeries and medications can be avoided. Selene is passionate to help change lives by freeing them of disease and illness, so they can live the life they deserve. She travels the world to share & train other healers her patented methods Selene continues to seek out the most innovative, cutting-edge healing modalities available.

About Us

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Do you have a passion for natural healing & alternative medicine? Do you enjoy serving others? Make money doing what you love as an ENSELE Provider!

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Give the Gift of Health
Know exactly who you are helping and where your charitable donation goes! Stay up to date on progress and become a part of our healing community!

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Make a Difference by Changing Lives Naturally

Our charity helps those who don’t have insurance or the financial means to get holistic care that is non- invasive, all-natural, and without medication. Choose the cause that speaks to your heart or better yet, choose from a list of our clients waiting for your sponsorship.

| About Us | ENSELE April 2024
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| About Us | ENSELE April 2024
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| About Us | ENSELE April 2024
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