Colon Hydrotherapy

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy, or colonics, are the gentle infusion of water into the colon to remove accumulated waste material, gas, mucus, undigested foods and other toxins. It can help improve muscle tone, facilitating the natural peristaltic action necessary for efficient removal of waste, and absorption of nutrients. 

With our “closed system” device, the session is odorless, sanitary, and hassle free. The client lies comfortably on a table and self-inserts a disposable, hygienic speculum/nozzle into the rectum, while they are fully draped, allowing for privacy, dignity, and modesty.  

Water is then gently introduced into the colon via a small tube, and the waste is removed via a large evacuation tube/channel. These are directly connected to the sewer system. 

The 45 minute session gives enough time for waste to soften while maintaining balanced electrolyte levels. 

A series of at least 3 colonics are recommended for most first time clients and ideally all are done within 7-10 days for most cases  The first session often serves as the preparatory session. The second and third session, go deeper to move out toxic waste buildup that can be the root cause of many health concerns. 

Compared to an enema, a colonic is a gentler, more thorough process because the temperature controlled, lower water pressure is controlled by the therapist throughout the procedure who fills and releases water in a comfortable manner. 

Another benefit to working with a therapist is the various calming breath work and  pressure point techniques used on the abdomen and feet.

It is safer to use than laxatives since no drugs are involved and there aren’t potential harmful side effects. We use FDA registered equipment with disposable, sealed speculum/rectal nozzle kits. 

Before your Session:

•Avoid eating 2 hours before your session. 

•Avoid drinking 1 hour before your session.

•Consume water-based, organic foods during the days or weeks leading up to your cleanse for the best result. The most cleansing foods are fruits, berries, melons, freshly pressed juices, smoothies, soups, and leafy green salads. If you feel you MUST have meat, choose wild fish or pasture raised, organic chicken or turkey as one of the toppings for your salad, ideally 2 times a week at most. 

After your Session:

•Clients may return to daily activities like exercise, one hour after the session. In other, less common cases, clients can feel the need to rest after. 

•Clients are advised to eat organic fruits, or some sort of light meal after their session. Steamed/cooked vegetables or a vegetable soup (non tomato based) will feel the most soothing

•Clients normal bowel function should almost completely return within 5 minutes of session completion. In some cases, it can take up to 1 hour so within that time frame, if a client should feel the need to pass gas, we advise going to the restroom in case of residual water release. 

How Many Sessions?

The first session often serves as the preparatory session to soak and loosen toxic waste buildup. Sessions are limited to 45 minutes to give enough time for waste to soften sticky waste buildup while maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance.

A series of at least 3 colonics are recommended to experience the benefits of colon hydrotherapy if it is your first time doing a session or if you have not had a session for several months. Ideally the sessions should be done within a 7-10 day period. As a general rule, 6 is for a good cleanse and 9 is for a thorough cleanse.  For maximum results, it is paired with one of many kinds of fasts. Your practitioner will help you decide which type of fast is best for you. Similar to plaque in arterial walls,the mucoid plaque accumulates over many years soit takes gentle, persistent effort to remove. Once it is removed, most clients report a sense of an inner lightness and flatter abdomen. 

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