You are a beating, moving, sensitive, body of flesh and emotions. You need protection from elements of the world that might develop fears within you. There is a world out there with so much external feedback that can create fear within you, however, you do not need to have fear. This is a practice I use in times I feel confused, alone, or in need of protection. ​Sit in the space you are in currently. Close your eyes or leave them calmly blinking however just focus your attention on you. How are you sitting or standing? What muscles are relaxed and which are clenched? How is your breathing? Inhale deeply and slow down. Envision a light. What color is it? The color you imagine is what you will use as comfort.

Feel this light within your heart. Feel your heart beating this beautiful, healing, and safe light. This is your light. Allow it to flow where it goes. Bring it back to the heart center when you are ready. With your breath, inhale the power of this light. Whether it be calm and graceful or strong and powerful. This is your light. Take note of its powers. The light is within you starting with your heart, however, the fear is on the outside and you are wanting protection from whatever is on the outside. Maybe its protection from a negative thought.

Take deeper longer breaths. It might be more effective to close your eyes for this part. Do what makes you feel best.

You have a light within you, beaming from your heart. With every breath, have it grow bigger. As big as you want it. Around your body, your body and the chair, your body, the chair and the whole room, anything. This bubble of light is infinite. Grow it however you please. This bubble that is within you can shield you from anything and everything. This is a safe, sacred, and infinite bubble. Nothing can penetrate or harm it. You are safe. You can share this light with others. Breathe them into your space and into the bubble.

Now you are in the bubble. Still having those thoughts? If so close your eyes.

You have a tube that only takes things from the inside of the bubble to the outside and once gone, can never return. Any fears you have you will have to identify. Once acknowledged, then it can be let go and released into the tube sucking it out of your infinite bubble of protection and light. This thought or fear is gone. Your space no longer holds that energy. How do you feel? Do that practice as many times as you feel fit for this thought. The tube of release fits any and all unwanted things. You are powerful and unlimited.

Personally, some unwanted thoughts cross my mind when I fly on a plane. This is a common fear as accidents happen and it gets to you. I am not afraid of planes however I do occasionally feel discomfort in the “what ifs”. I always root back to my bubble of infinity. My flowing glowing gold light surrounds me and the plane. I even breathe safety into the air. I know there is safety wherever I am.

Remember you always have the light within you to protect you from fears and thoughts. This is with you all the time. Practice it. Be safe. Be kind to yourself.

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