How Cell Memory Works on Our Physical Bodies

Modern science teaches us that our cells contain DNA which is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies. They also hold the blueprint for our emotional, mental and spiritual state. Our cells remember all of whom we have been in past lives and all that has been in this life right up to the present day (hence the term cellular memory). So as we change and grow in any aspect of our lives, our cells are constantly updating our personal data. Cells also retain the information of all life experiences that have been absorbed from genetic heritage, nothing ever experienced whether positive or negative escapes being programmed…

Cells are constantly growing and dying they are the ultimate reflection of how the universe works. The universe is constantly changing, constantly transforming chaos to order, darkness into light, and requires all who inhabit it. So either we make the conscious decision to live and grow or do nothing, which is a personal choice.

Wilder Penfold was the first person to bring to the media the idea of our genes storing permanent records of our past, and that these memories are hidden away from our conscious mind, either by choice or blocked by trauma, etc. This was in the 1950’s following many experiments, although it still remains controversial.

Because cellular memory can not be seen or effectively measured, not everyone can agree, and still remains unbelievable to some people, but looking at vaccines and how they work can be viewed as cellular memory. As giving an injection of a small number of unhealthy organisms, the patient’s immune system sets up a counteroffensive to protect the patient from becoming ill from that particular illness. So in effect, our immune system remembers, therefore the vaccines evoke cell memory by their actions.

How Cellular Memory Effects Us

We sometimes experience déjà vu which can give us an emotional feeling of a place or person and sometimes total recall, which can flood the conscious mind with recognition, maybe giving us a sense of belonging or the feeling of being at home, even an uneasy or foreboding feeling which can not be easily explained.

Many people have visited the G.P. on a constant basis and after having many medical tests resulting in no diagnosis are being tagged as either a hypochondriac or it’s psychosomatic, which in turn can become very debilitating for the patient. Some medical professionals are open-minded but the majority will not or cannot understand the concept of cellular memory, and rely only on their medical scientific knowledge.

Although it can be confusing for some to not understand why we can not remember our past life/lives, they may question why it is that some people seem to cruise through life with great ease and others are burdened with problems from the beginning to the end.

One explanation could be that the situation was chosen before re-entering this life, or it may be karmic debts, need or need not be repaid e.g. someone being executed for wrong doing in which they are guilty of in a previous life can lead to a resolution, the subject closed when that life ended nothing will be retained and no marks left. If on the other hand, this person was innocent, they could suffer deep emotional scar, therefore, leading to phobias, anxiety, etc in their next life/lives.

The same can apply with birthmarks e.g. a large mole or indentation could be the result of a mortal bullet wound suffered in a previous life. This phenomenon have been investigated in great depth by Dr. Stevenson and he has written a book called “Reincarnation and Biology”.

A further example of cellular memory affecting us can be experienced through recurring dreams or nightmares, disturbing elements in our dreams, or nightmares can arise from our cell memories stray thoughts or impressions, and our own emotions which we deliberately suppress during waking hours. These upsetting events can sometimes show up this way when the subconscious mind has so many suppressed memories that it is impossible for them to remain dormant, and just start to bubble over and try to connect with the conscious mind, to be recognized and dealt with. If we cannot meet our feelings of fear, or emotional pain we allow ourselves to be controlled by them.

Every person’s life is shaped to some extent by Karma no task is undertaken which is too much for the individual to which it is assigned, or which is chosen before rebirth.

It has been mentioned to the media through national newspapers of patients receiving organs from a donor and the patient within a short period of time changes in their characteristics or habits. On investigation it has been discovered that some of the feelings and emotions from the deceased donor have been passed onto the recipient. As explained when the cells divide and renew they remember everything that has happened whether in the same body or someone else’s.

So Where is it Going?

So where is it going with the existence of cellular memory why not give healing at this level? Without past life therapy it can be almost impossible as the memories are suppressed and we are not aware of holding onto them.

We all know that knowledge is power, so it’s only logical that self knowledge is self power. The more we know and understand about ourselves the more effective we will be, and the more comfortable we will be in our own physical and mental bodies even down to our very soul. Understanding what motivates us, what repels us and what we yearn for, what we need to avoid and why we think the way we do can make a big difference in our physical and emotional health.

As we live in the physical body it is the body itself that is the key to all levels of healing. By working with the physical body we can access every process necessary to bring about advanced states of healing. Our intensions are very powerful in bringing to the forefront of our consciousness what we really want, need or intend to have or do with our lives.

Future Fear

The fear of discovery in a past life or looking into the future can inhibit one’s ability to let go and enter an advanced state of healing. Some people have a fear of becoming crazy when they start to let go, even exploding into a violent rage possibly murdering someone because the unknown side of their personalities no longer has boundaries. Any fear is ultimately the fear of letting go into these many aspects of one self. This very powerful and multi-layered, mechanism called fear can reside in every pain and contraction of the body.

The power of our intention is our greatest help or obstacle in healing to commence. What is certain is to allow the process of Past Life Therapy to bring awareness to our lives and open ourselves up to inner freedom and for the healing to begin.

Live Cells Need to Receive and Give Love

To live and thrive, our cells need to regularly receive and give love energy. When you look around and notice those who regularly receive and give love, enjoy vibrant health. While those without seem to age prematurely and tend to suffer from a wide variety of health problems.

Dr, Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water” gives us an insight to how this may work. Our bodies are made up of 80% water this is a significant finding because we ask the question on, “how is the water in our bodies affected by our words, thoughts and actions”?

In order to appreciate how ice crystal images are formed we need to understand the nature of water. Water carries information much like a blank CD, water records information, whether it is a kind word, or impressions from nature, free from pollution. The canvass of the water freely expresses the world around it.

So by speaking positively or negatively to the water when frozen, will either crystallize into something beautiful or some ugly image which can be viewed under a microscope.

So the message from water has the potential to transform our worlds view. Therefore water teaches us the delicacy of the human condition and the impact that love and gratitude can have on us and the world.

So What Results Can Be Expected With Past Life Regression?

Firstly it is a process of going back into the memory of a past life, a time when we had a totally different personality, face, body, where we lived, loved and died. People experience different things which can reveal a way of what they are working on in this present day life.

Past Life Regression is one of the most effective psychological and transpersonal tools available and often saves many years of psychotherapy, however nothing is a panacea and rarely will just one or two sessions solve a lifetime of problems and habits. People often notice profound changes after one or two regressions, but without continued work and follow-up, these changes can be short lived. Rarely does one past life hold the key to all answers to all of our problems, nor does one regression cover all the subtleties and insights of a given life.

Our past life was lived the same way in which we are living our present life, with growth spurts, times of stagnation, moments of sorrow as well as joy. Dedicated and consistent effort in the healing process provides the best results. With Past Life Therapy a series of lives can be found around one issue. Successful lives around particular problems can be accessed to give more resources and energy to move forward, difficult and painful lives can be brought to closure and redirected, again to give more energy and resources to help with the healing process, another way to explain is, the connection between personality, soul and spirit will become clearer and they will all be able to fulfil there true purpose rather than having their lines of communication blocked by centuries of negative emotions and regret.

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