In this century, people have started to realize the importance of trusting nature and our own body’s ability to heal. Different healing methods are now used to give the right environment to the body. Efforts are put into moving away from artificial sources for medicine and food.  Some traditional methods are listed below. However, if you read further you can learn about ENSELE’s most cutting-edge, advanced natural healing methods!

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one Natural Healing Method that has a host of proven benefits. 

For starters, meditation should be treated as a necessity in these modern times of social disconnect. Meditation first helps people understand their emotions and themselves, connect with their inner self, and connect with the world. Meditation greatly helps people finding their meaning and purpose. 

As meditation helps heal the emotional mind, the effects seep into the physical health, which gets the necessary support for speed healing. 

Meditation is extremely powerful for willing patients of chronic pain and other chronic conditions. Meditation helps them reduce the impact of pain and the stress of the illness. 

  1. Reiki

Patients that receive Reiki healing describe it as comforting and supporting. It helps them release worry and pain from their body. The practitioner uses their hands to transfer universal energy to the patient. 

The users describe a warm and tingly sensation coming out of the practitioner’s palms. It feels safe. By definition, it is an alternative therapy more commonly recognized as energy healing with its origins in 19th century Japan.

It is directed to help the flow of energy and remove blocks to help patients relax. Other benefits can include fighting against symptoms of other illnesses and reducing pain.

  1. Hypnotherapy

Guided hypnosis is helpful in healing patients, too and has other benefits as well. The patient is put into an altered state of awareness. This heightened awareness is then used to help the patient’s subconscious understand the harmful effects of their habits. 

The same awareness can help the patients heal from traumatic events and deal with different phobias.

Hypnotherapy finds its most successes in healings augmented by psychotherapy. The increased awareness allows the psychiatrist’s suggestions to be better received by the patient.

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has two foundations. Traditional Chinese foundation suggests that acupuncture needles are placed at points around the body to help with the chi flow, to undo blockages, and balance the energies. 

Western practitioners argue that acupuncture needles are placed at points that help with nerves communicating. These points help reduce pain by acting as natural painkillers without pills when activated by thin needles. 

This benefit is found in patients with migraines, headaches, osteoarthritis, and neck pain. Acupuncture relies a lot on the practitioner’s skills. So you might need to hire a vSublet to get close to a good acupuncturist. 

  1. Reflexology

Reflexology is something that I can personally vouch for. Reflexology is the idea that our body parts are connected, especially through our feet, hands, and ears. I have used targeted foot massage to help alleviate symptoms of chronic back pain and chronic sciatic pain. 

Potentially, all forms of tissue and nerves related issues can be helped with targeted massages. The conditions are that the right area and the right technique have to be identified.

  1. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy founds its foundation in a holistic belief about our biology. The idea is that our body parts are connected, just like reflexology. But aromatherapy adds the concept that larger experiences can control and influence those individual parts. 

This manifests as essential oil therapy. The experience of using essential oils over the body can have a holistic impact. The improvement can be seen throughout the body and not just where aromatherapy has been applied. Aromatherapy expands to clay masks, bath salts, inhalers, and diffusers to include plant-based extracts in some form or another. 

Apart from helping different body parts heal, aromatherapy has meditative qualities of improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

7. Naturopathy

gray ceramic mortar and pestle

Naturopathy is an encompassing term for many techniques and procedures that I would like to mention collectively. Naturopathy emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself if given the right atmosphere and care. 

First, naturopathic treatments try to understand the root cause of the ailments rather than jumping into the cure. The next step is to help the patient realize the power of naturopathy and accept it as a powerful force. 

The exact treatments of naturopathy are diverse. Simple exercises and fasting can help the body recover from surgeries and different ailments. Another treatment is Hydrotherapy, which can also help patients with joint pains have the benefits of exercise. 

Lastly, ENSELE has devised methods of healing that have been around for centuries. Some underground and some FDA cleared. These are:

1. Brain Optimization: A natural way to mirror the brain, brining balance back so that symptoms drop away, then so does the label.

2.) Frequency Healing: A natural way to send frequencies to body and kill pathogens without harming the body. Also sending frequencies to the body to facilitate healing and regeneration.

3.) Light Therapy: An FDA cleared, patented modality to help decrease pain and inflammation, while brining nitric oxide to the cells for faster healing.

4.) Bio Resonance Scanner: A non-harmful, non-invasive scanner that reads energy and is extremely sensitive and accurate. It can find pathogens in the body that can be weakening the person as well as identify areas that need attention such as bone degeneration, unhealthy cells, etc.

5.) Oxygen Therapy:

6.) Patching Therapy: A natural way to bring energy into an area so healing can take place. Think of accupuncture but without the needles.

7.) Energy Shifting: A way to bring the person to neutrality when they have a charge that weakens them, such as a fear, adverse reaction, etc.

8.) Ensele Forecasts: A helpful tool to discover your best timing so that you don’t waste energy, money or time. It can be applied to anything in life such as health, relationships or wealth.


Author Credit: Amber Roy & Selene Kepila

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