With the help of natural healing, people are able to overcome their health problems on time. Without any side effects or harmful chemicals involved in this process which makes them completely safe for every individual regardless if they’re just starting out and trying something new. Lymphatic Therapy is changing the lives of many people out there.

Lipedema is a condition characterised by abnormal accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissues, especially in the legs and buttocks. It’s still relatively new but shows promise as a possible treatment for those struggling with Lipedema.

Lipedema Can Make You Suffer!

Lipedema is not an easy condition to live with because it can make people feel unattractive or embarrassed about their appearance. People who suffer from lipedema also often experience frustration because they are unable to dress comfortably, exercise normally, or wear fashionable clothes that will hide their problem areas as other people do without thinking twice about it. The best thing you can do if you think you might have this disorder is to talk to your practitioner about what therapies are available; there are many options out there for instance Lymphatic Therapy, which could help alleviate the problem and improve the lives of those suffering from lipedema.

What does Expert say?

Lipedema is currently untreatable, however at Ensele, A Natural Wellness Centre they have many success stories regarding this condition. They have been providing services for a very long period of time. Their clients are very happy with them. This hasn’t stopped scientists from trying to find a solution for this rare disorder that leaves people feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious about their bodies. With little over 100 documented cases of lipedema, it has been difficult for researchers to get any definitive answers as to how they can treat this condition. However, there may be hope on the horizon: clinical studies have shown promising results in using Lymphatic Therapy and manual exercise therapy (such as jogging) to help reduce the swelling associated with lipedema; further studies are needed before we know whether or not these emerging treatments could provide relief for those suffering from the disorder.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system that helps to regulate fluid in your body. The role of the lymphatic system is to collect excess fluids and carry them back into the blood circulation where they can be transported back to the heart for recycling. Without this process, the liquid would remain trapped in different tissues throughout your body, causing swelling or edema. This could cause problems with mobility and even create pain commonly associated with arthritis.

Cause Imbalance In Lymphatic Function!

Lipedema causes an imbalance in proper lymphatic function which results in swelling instead of clearing excess fluids away from affected tissues. The accumulation of fluids then becomes trapped under your skin’s surface, causing unsightly lumps that are even more noticeable when pressure is applied to the areas, such as when you sit down or stand up. When the fluid buildup is more extensive, it can lead to extreme swelling in the lower body and even affect your ability to walk normally.

Lymphatic Therapy: What You Can Expect

In this case, natural healing works like magic, although its effects are generally slower, they are also more lasting. Lymphatic therapy has been practised since ancient times, often related to ageing and joint problems. It involves the use of gentle compression on specific points throughout the body in order to facilitate the removal of waste products like excess fluid from your tissues. The lymphatic system works naturally but it gets overwhelmed by toxins and wastes that need to be removed; lymphatic massage helps get these toxins moving through your bloodstream and out of your body, while also encouraging new tissue growth. This treatment is relatively new in Western medicine but clinical studies have shown that lymphatic massage can help break down fatty deposits and improve circulation for longer periods of time after treatment (known as “lymphatic drainage” and “manual lymphatic drainage”). Many people suffering from lipedema have found this therapy to be very effective.

This is mainly due to ridding the body of fluids that would otherwise worsen the condition,  as well as helping break down fatty deposits under your skin.  It is also known to help speed up recovery time after liposuction treatments by stimulating fluid removal and lymph flow through manual lymphatic drainage or compression therapy. The use of massage therapy can also help you maintain optimal health by promoting blood circulation to carry nutrients throughout your body while removing toxins at the same time.

Closure: Lipedema is a condition that can cause extreme swelling in the legs and arms. While there is no known cure, however, Ensele’s lymphatic therapy offers some promising relief. This therapy uses gentle massage techniques to stimulate the lymph nodes and help move fluid throughout the body. If you suffer from lipedema, please consult with your therapist before the situation gets out of control.