Alternative Healing Center San Diego is a center that promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health through Natural Therapies. They offer many services such as At-Home Healing, Sound Therapy, and Neurofeedback.

Alternative Healing Center San Diego’s mission is to create a safe space for all people to explore their own healing process with guidance from experts in the field of complementary therapies. The clinic offers an integrative approach to healing by combining traditional practices with modalities like sound therapy or neurofeedback therapy. All these treatments are aimed at treating the whole person – mind body soul – not just one aspect of someone’s wellness journey. Alternative healing is a growing trend and we are here to help you find the best practices for yourself!

The clinic was founded on three fundamental principles:

1) looking out for everyone’s best interests

2) providing the highest quality care and services to all clients

3) focusing on what is right for each client

The clinic has a multitude of offerings to choose from At-Home Healing sessions (yoga, meditation, Reiki), Sound Therapy (using different types of sound frequencies such as crystal bowls or tuning forks), Neurofeedback (using brainwaves to heal conditions like autism or ADHD). Each service offers a different type of healing through therapies that use different frequencies to affect the body’s energy fields. Alternative Healing Center San Diego works with other providers in the community offering medical referrals when needed. They have accumulated a vast collection of resources that can be utilized by anyone wanting to achieve a balanced life.

Alternative Healing Center San Diego works in a collaborative manner to treat its clients holistically, focusing on each person’s specific needs and goals. Alternative Healing Center is definitely one of the best go-to spots for all your alternative needs. From energy practitioners to healers, they have it covered with their wide variety of services.