The Alternative Healing Center is a psychotherapy practice that provides integrative psychotherapy services to address the whole person, which includes healing trauma, depression, anxiety, shame, relationships, and chronic illness. They also offer Spiritual Counseling for those who are interested in exploring their spirituality as part of their process.  These services are provided by licensed therapists with expertise in treating these conditions and can be accessed online or at one of our locations throughout Los Angeles County. Their goal is to provide high-quality care through an individualized approach tailored to each client’s needs so they may live more comfortably within themselves and heal from any pain they carry with them on a daily basis.

People who suffer from chronic pain may find themselves facing a path of medication and surgery in the hopes that it could alleviate their suffering. Sometimes this can help but often, people find themselves trapped in a cycle of chronic pain due to no fault of their own. At times people are faced with accidents or illnesses that leave them completely debilitated and unable to live without pain. In these cases, many turn to opiates for relief only to develop a dependency on the medications which may have been prescribed for legitimate reasons initially. This can lead to an addiction that is difficult to get out from under because the drugs work so well at blocking out the mental and physical aches and pains associated with life-changing injuries or illnesses. Alternative Healing Center provides both medication management services and addiction counseling to help those who are struggling with chronic pain.   They recognize that it can be difficult to transition from a life of pain management to a life without the use of opiates, but this is an important step in positive recovery.

Finding relief from chronic pain can give those affected by conditions such as arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, and other illnesses a better quality of life. There are many therapeutic options available for these types of conditions including chiropractic care and acupuncture.