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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious type of anxiety caused by an extremely stressful event or series of events. Many people experience only limited benefit after trying various therapies and medication. Neurofeedback trains the brain to produce a calm state, as well as regulate the stress response. In addition, the specific areas of the brain affected by PTSD can be targeted without re-triggering the trauma. Frequently, the first sign of improvement is that a client sleeps better. Then other symptoms begin to improve.

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Regardless of your age or health concerns, our state-of-the-art healing center is designed to foster optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. Our clients are people of all ages and suffering from PTSD! Ailments and disease are caused by imbalances in our brain and body. We incorporate cutting-edge alternative technologies to restore balance in the brain and body. Our clients are empowered to awaken their highest potential of health for a greater sense of well-being & living regardless of where they live. All our services are available remotely through in home rental devices. Our clients see results in days and make life changes in under 30 days.

PTSD Testimonials

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I had a very traumatic childhood with all kinds of abuse you can imagine. I went through years of therapy, medications and could not stop reliving everything I went through, it became very unhealthy for me, even physically. A combination of neurofeedback and energy shifting has completely changed my life. I have been able to get over all that happened in the past and enjoy my present and future. I am so thankful for Selene's hard work.
Dawn S
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"I am a 43 year old female, retired military. Perhaps due to the stress and traumatic experiences I was bed-ridden for 3 years. I nearly lost my husband due to my inability to interact with him. Desperate, I called Selene. I was fascinated with the stories shared. I flew her out to me in Texas and underwent intensive monthly wellness sessions. I now can manage remotely with the B2 headset. I am forever grateful for my life and being able to experience it with my husband Greg and our new born daughter! Yes, that is right! I got pregnant shortly after my recovery and our marriage strengthened. My husband saw the sparkle in my eyes and we fell in love all over again. Health is wealth, without it we have nothing. I was there for too long. But now I celebrate life to its fullest as I had a second chance, a miracle. Thank you Selene! We will be in California next month and will stop in to see you. xo " - Dawn S.
Gertrude D
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"I am a 50 year old woman from Chicago. I witnessed the murder of my mother. My sister committed suicide and I felt so lost and depressed that I couldn't bare to live. My son researched alternatives to me checking myself into a mental health clinic and he begged me to try Selene's natural healing services. She suggested I do seven sessions. I told her if I didn't feel a difference by the last day, I was checking myself in. The experience was life changing. I felt a healing like none other. I felt a positive outlook on life and even started a new company. Since then I have had another series of sessions but maintain myself with the B2 headset and regular tune-ups remotely. We love you Selene!" -
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"I was in the middle of the Vegas Shooting in 2017. I was frozen, without the ability to move despite people dropping like flies around me and running for their lives. For weeks I was unable to close my eyes, sleep, eat or even drink tea. My friends brought me to the OWL in LA and there I met Selene. I was too traumatized to even think. She hooked me up to these sensors that read the frequencies from my brain, much like a stethoscope does your heart. My own brain frequencies were played back to me through headphones. At first I was not able to close my eyes or relax. By the 3rd session I was able to relax and finally I fell asleep. That night for the first time I slept 4.5 hours! The next day I felt so grateful as I pulled my cowboy boots on (something that I considered to be my lucky charm, because I wore those boots that night of the shooting and they saved my life). I look back now and I am in amazement how something so simple can be so profoundly healing. I could have professed to never wear those boots because of not being able to deal with the tragedy that happened. I still remember that horrible night, but I do so without fear and the sadness is different. I can cope with what happened while being fully appreciative of my life. Every day I move forward, out of fear, out of sadness and into fullness of living."-J.J.
Jim S
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"Post the war, I had continuous cluster headaches and unbearable pain behind my left eye. A bomb had gone off not far from me and as a result I have these unbearable cluster headaches. Even hitting my head against a brick-wall gave me relief. I have been on disability for over 30 years. Then I heard about a program for PTSD and it was free so I decided I had nothing to lose. Selene ran about 3 brainwave sessions and within two days my headaches were gone. I was not convinced this was permanent but it has now been nearly 2 years. I have re-entered the workforce and have a very successful production company now. Headache free, this truly changed my life."-
Belinda T.
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My daughter has been doing very fine, I think, since her first divine healing from you and your team. She was in a good mood. The day after the healing she acted like a comedian, she has a talent for this, but it's been a long time since I have experienced her so funny, we laughed a lot together, that was wonderful! She seems, in general, more awake, more full of life, more here and now, it's fantastic that we can experience this together! I am on the same track.
Valerie J.
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Also, there literally aren't nearly as many terrible thoughts going through my's like they're just gone. And there is a brightness in my head also...which makes me very aware of the dark cloud that was in there before.

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