Holistic Healing

Benefits of Holistic Healing Center

It goes beyond language
Subconscious beliefs are modified automatically without effort
The client doesn’t need to “do” anything to benefit
The client doesn’t have to “believe” in the treatment for it to work
The deepest parts of mind and spirit are affected
It is non-invasive and non-toxic with quick and lasting changes to the mind, body and spirit

Explain Energy or Holistic Healing Center

All things non-physical will show up in the physical if not delt with. If you are holding onto anger for instance, years later you may have pain in your back. If you have fear or emotional traumas that are not released then they too will manifest into physical form in your body.

Learn about your emotional matrix, your fears, your relationships and release them from harming your body once and for all.

This service can be conducted remotely or in office.

Energy or Holisticc Healing relies on the fact that all thought, emotion and behavior is ultimately regulated by energy. This universal energy interacts with your personal energy to produce everything that happens to you- your health, your emotions, your thoughts and your behavior. Energy Healing is excellent for addressing fears, trauma’s, personality conflicts, addictive behaviors and more!

Energy Healing targets the interface between the Universal energy and the personal energy. The certified & licensed practitioner guides the universal energy so it has maximum beneficial effect on the personal energy and the atoms of the body.

Cellular Memory – How do my thoughts affect my body?

The human body was designed to ‘register’ each persons life experience in its flesh, in each and every cell. These experiences that are retained in the body become ‘cellular memory’ and influence our future actions and reactions. Cellular memory allows us to recall events that we would otherwise have forgotten in our long-term memory – our emotional history is recorded in our cells and it remains there until we release the associated emotional experience. The more emotional an experience is for us, the more likely we are to recall it because we become ’emotionally attached’ to that event. These emotionally-charged events are particularly powerful in effecting the body’s physical shape and functioning.

When persistent feelings become part of our cellular memory, they are ‘locked’ or stored in the body’s tissue. This is what causes physical pain when we put pressure on body tissue that contains these ‘memories’.

Thoughts that feel good are registered by the body and regenerate the cells with vitality and allow life force to flow freely. This regenerative process is the essence of quantum holistic healing works.

On the flip side, negative thoughts are resisted by the body’s natural state and cause changes in cells, tissues and organs. Persistent negative thoughts create overwhelming resistance in the body and this resistance is reflected in the body in the form of fatigue, viruses and in extreme cases, cancer and other debilitating diseases.

As a result, positive thoughts increase blood flow throughout the body whilst negative thoughts decrease blood flow. Just like a river will flow freely until it is blocked, the body naturally pumps blood to all areas of the body unless there is resistance. This resistance causes decreased blood flow to the affected areas until the resistance is removed.

The holistic healing center in Calabasas teaches us that where thought goes, energy flows. And this direction of energy through thought is exactly how the natural health and holistic healing process works in the body.

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