Brain Optimization

Putting the Brain in Balance

The brain is the master control center for our emotions, choices, decisions, motivations, including autonomic functioning and more. ENSELE uses a variety of time-tested, neuroscience-based, cutting-edge technologies to balance the brain. This allows for a customized approach for each individual. ENSELE provides multiple forms of these neuro-based modalities. Brain Optimization is at the core of every program. This is safe, non-invasive, and produces life-changing results in under 30 days.

Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback because it is based on electrical brain activity. The brain is made up of chemical and electrical currents. Oftentimes, we see one or both out of balance. Using a low-energy neurofeedback modality allows us to send those low-energy frequencies to the brain to uplift suppression in targeted areas.




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