InLight 2 Port & 2 Pad Traveler Rental System



Our Infrared Light Therapy has many miraculous effects. This patented, FDA cleared technology is targeted to reduce pain and inflammation. This brings more blood flow to the area and increases nitric oxide to the cells allowing for rapid healing. The Noggier and Solfeggio frequencies are presented through low level polychromatic light. This therapy is a restorative treatment and has profound effects on your mental and physical well being.

InLight Medical polychromatic light therapy (PLT) products provide state-of-the-art polychromatic LED light technology. The company’s proprietary Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology delivers polychromatic wavelengths of light in varied pulsed rates. InLight Medical’s flexible neoprene therapy pads laden with polychromatic LED combinations of red, blue, and near-infrared diodes, reduce pain and increase circulation. InLight Medical has over 30 years of research and development spent manufacturing and supporting our products we are committed to providing the highest quality medical devices while ensuring safety and efficacy.


User-friendly, safe, and easy to use at home or on the go
Legally marketed as an FDA Class II Medical Device
Durable medical equipment (DME) quality
Comfortable neoprene therapy pads
Progressive Multi-Pulse™ technology
Polychromatic (2 or more color) applications
Pre-programmed settings
Controller Features:
2 output ports
7 manual settings
Designed for at-home or professional use with multiple LED light therapy pads
Polychromatic Light Therapy pads included with this system:
Facemask 104m – Designed for application to the face. Features 104 red and blue LEDs
Local 132r – Mid-sized pad system featuring 132 red and infrared LEDs

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