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Neurofeedback Therapy improves the way the brain is performing and thus reduces symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis by optimizing brain function toward a more healthy and normal pattern. Neurofeedback Therapy re-wires brain irregularities for better performance and long-term healing.
Neurofeedback allows Parkinson’s patients to establish new neural pathways, thus controlling certain brainwaves. Parkinson’s patients focus on controlling brainwaves associated with motor symptoms. Our treatment protocols come with adjunct services to speed up the healing process.

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Regardless of your age or health concerns, our state-of-the-art healing center is designed to foster optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. Our clients are people of all ages and suffering from Parkinson / MS! Ailments and disease are caused by imbalances in our brain and body. We incorporate cutting-edge alternative technologies to restore balance in the brain and body. Our clients are empowered to awaken their highest potential of health for a greater sense of well-being & living regardless of where they live. All our services are available remotely through in-home rental devices. Our clients see results in days and make life changes in under 30 days.

Our Testimonials for Parkinson / MS

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I have had MS pain for almost 10 years. Most of my days were spent laying in bed with pain and getting massages to help with my spasms, as well. The first day doing lights and neurofeedback my pain reduced by 40%. I couldn't believe it.
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"My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and MS last January. Our family was crushed to hear the news about mom's deteriorating condition. Although she lived a healthy, happy life, this is not how we wanted to see her live out her final years. We heard about Selene through another connection who reported back great improvement after their condition of Lyme. So our family was willing to give it a try. It was gradual, but steady improvement, months became years. Mom was able to reduce medications and regain her memory and abilities to function without assistance. These were obvious results from Brain Optimization and that it works! Thank you for such amazing support along the way to our mom's recovery. You truly cared and we felt your commitment to her health.
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"I was diagnosed with MS after being released serving in the Iraq War. Being in a wheelchair has been hard for a young active woman such as myself. I was eager to try a natural way of healing with Brain Optimization. Selene told me how my arms and legs would jolt during the sessions, which was completely unknown to me at the time. But sure enough, I surprised her by parking my wheelchair at the door on the fourth day and walked again for the first time in 6 months!" -
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"I was in the middle of the Vegas Shooting in 2017. I was frozen, without the ability to move despite people dropping like flies around me and running for their lives. For weeks I was unable to close my eyes, sleep, eat or even drink tea. My friends brought me to the OWL in LA and there I met Selene. I was too traumatized to even think. She hooked me up to these sensors that read the frequencies from my brain, much like a stethoscope does your heart. My own brain frequencies were played back to me through headphones. At first I was not able to close my eyes or relax. By the 3rd session I was able to relax and finally I fell asleep. That night for the first time I slept 4.5 hours! The next day I felt so grateful as I pulled my cowboy boots on (something that I considered to be my lucky charm, because I wore those boots that night of the shooting and they saved my life). I look back now and I am in amazement how something so simple can be so profoundly healing. I could have professed to never wear those boots because of not being able to deal with the tragedy that happened. I still remember that horrible night, but I do so without fear and the sadness is different. I can cope with what happened while being fully appreciative of my life. Every day I move forward, out of fear, out of sadness and into fullness of living."-J.J.

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