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| Forecast Cycles | Ensele September 2021

We can observe a beautiful cycle of balance operating in nature.  This natural order orchestrates our world and applies to all of life.  In essence it is mathematics in motion.  Everything begins, develops and ends by he mathematical laws of the universe.  ENSELE offers a way to know how the mathematics of nature is operating in your life at any given time.  With the tools and road maps offered by ENSELE, you can easily identify your place in the natural order of things. You will know at any given time on any given day what energies are best for you to work with. You’ll know if it’s a beneficial time to start something new, complete a task started last week, make an important call to open up a new opportunity, or just take care of the daily details while waiting for the right moment to move forward with more vital actions.   You will save time, energy and avoid much frustration from wasted efforts when you coordinate your actions according to your cycles for each year, month, and day.  

Simply click on each cycle to learn more about the  Nine CYCLES:

CYCLE 1. Sowing; seeds are planted into fertile ground and tended
CYCLE 2. Germinating; seeds break open and begin to sprout
CYCLE 3. Sprouting; stems break ground and plants are visible above ground
CYCLE 4. Rooting; visible growth slows as the rood system develops a strong underground foundation
CYCLE 5. Growing; a well developed root system supports rapid stem and leaf development
CYCLE 6. Budding; plant fills out and buds begin to form and develop
CYCLE 7. Flowering; plant buds grow and develop until they open into full flower
CYCLE 8. Harvesting; flowers drop, fruit ripens and seeds mature for the harvest
CYCLE 9. Composting; plant dies and feeds the soil; fallen fruit hold seeds for the next cycle of growth

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