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| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

We can observe a beautiful cycle of balance operating in nature.  This natural order orchestrates our world and applies to all of life.  In essence it is mathematics in motion.  Everything begins, develops and ends by he mathematical laws of the universe.  ENSELE offers a way to know how the mathematics of nature is operating in your life at any given time.  With the tools and road maps offered by ENSELE, you can easily identify your place in the natural order of things. You will know at any given time on any given day what energies are best for you to work with. You’ll know if it’s a beneficial time to start something new, complete a task started last week, make an important call to open up a new opportunity, or just take care of the daily details while waiting for the right moment to move forward with more vital actions.   You will save time, energy and avoid much frustration from wasted efforts when you coordinate your actions according to your cycles for each year, month, and day.  

Simply click on each cycle to learn more about the  Nine CYCLES:

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Sowing; seeds are planted into fertile ground and tended
When a garden is planted with good seed in fertile soil then watered and fed for optimum growth, an abundant harvest is set into motion. The thoughts you think, the actions you take now, set the foundation for your harvest in Cycle 8. Pay attention; research and develop your ideas as you network in fertile places. You are in a very active phase of the creative process. When a seed is planted it immediately begins to absorb moisture from the earth and warmth from the sun. As the seed makes use of the surrounding resources it swells, softens and opens. A tremendous amount of energy wells up in the seed and is released to accomplish this. You too are surrounded with ample resources to support your sprouting process.

Action is the theme of Cycle 1; this is a time for you to actively explore all the resources and possibilities Life is presenting. You will find ample opportunities popping up for your consideration. Explore as much as possible leaving no stone unturned! Remember you are sowing seeds at this stage for a future harvest. Stay true to your intention for success and let that guide you as you make important changes, introduce new ideas, and seek new contacts and business prospects. Work hard to further your interests in every possible way! Take good care of yourself and manage your energy for ultimate performance.

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Germinating; seeds break open and begin to sprout

At this stage the seed begins to produce a stem and grow roots into the soil. For you, this means developing a network of supportive people and contacts consistent with your goals. Social contact is of utmost importance and may uncover ‘gems’ you did not expect to find! Being a networker for others, and assisting people in their goals will open up even more opportunity for you. While the seed’s root draws nutrients from the soil around it and its stem grows upwards towards the warmth of the sun, you develop your network and grow towards those opportunities that feel energetic and filled with possibilities. Opportunities and the people around you become rich soil for your ideas to take root in. Socializing and public interaction are the dominating influences for a Cycle 2. Continue to stay active and move things forward. Eat healthy nutrient rich foods, schedule time to rest and renew and exercise for health. Avoid procrastination on all accounts and stay active!

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Stems break ground and plants are visible above ground

The seed has worked hard and persevered! It breaks through the soil and greets the day! You will feel a strong urge for self-expression! Use the first half of a Cycle 3 to further your activities and build on what you just put into motion. You will find promising conditions and much to act upon. Remember that you are still in the last stage of the seeding period and that this is a time for new beginnings. Resist the urge to begin a major undertaking; give your time to your developing opportunities and seed them further.

Remain optimistic, stay in action and continue to grow your prospects. Attend to all important details during the first six months of the year as this active period will begin to quiet down and bring you into a slower strengthening period.

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Rooting; visible growth slows as the root system develops a strong foundation
At this point, if you were watching your newly sprouted seedling, you would see a few leaves develop and then the plant would appear to ‘just sit there’. You can’t see much change from day to day. In actuality the plant is working hard beneath the surface growing a strong and extensive root system that will support rapid top growth in the days to come. For you, this is a time of focused intent work. The networks you developed, the opportunities you opened up all need your attention now.

Use this as a time to root yourself into the rich environments and conversations cultivated during the previous three seeding cycles. Attend to the practical needs of your life and continue to work on the opportunities you have before you. Do not worry if your progress seems slow and uneventful. You are developing a foundation from which to grow and expand when the Cycles become active again. This is not a time to make big decisions that will affect your future, or to sign any deals for major undertakings. Sit tight and attend to the details; organize your self! Rest and renew and prepare for a Cycle of rapid growth ahead!

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Growing; well developed root system supports rapid stem and leaf development.
This is the period when your seedling adds a leaf or two daily and literally amazes you with the speed of its growth. You too have built your foundation and rooted yourself firmly in good ground. Now all the hard work and attention to detail of the prior Cycle 4 will support your top growth so to speak. It is time for you to get active again and expand your opportunities through renewed contacts, travel, and socializing. You can even replant some of your opportunities with the clarity and understanding you have developed during your hard work period. Be proactive and put forth consistent, constructive action towards your objectives and ambitions. Just as the plant expands it size to set the optimum number of buds, you are creating a strong support system from which to enjoy an optimum harvest in Cycle 8.

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Budding; plant fills out and buds begin to form and develop
Your plant has developed its strong foundation and is budding for its future flowers. This is a Cycle of committed action on your part. Just as the plant has to commit all of its energy to the formation of the buds that will eventually become its fruit, you must commit your time, energy, and money towards the development of your ideas into opportunities.

You may pay out more than you bring in for a time; don’t worry as you’ll gain back.
Keep your focus on the ‘bigger picture’ to avoid worry.

Remember that all of nature operates within these Cycles and everything balances out in time. This is a Cycle of output that will reinforce your success at harvest time. Keep your mind clear and follow good health practices to keep your energy up and your thought process focused. Make important decisions, attend to business and get your duck lined up! Look for areas of incompletion in business and personal affairs; handle things and set your affairs in order.

Much is in motion towards the realization of your most desired future!

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Flowering; plant buds grow and develop until they open into full flower.
In this Cycle the inevitable occurs, you look at your plant and see color! Those well tended buds have opened to reveal the beauty of the flowers. You too will see your successful actions begin to flower! All this time you have been sowings the seeds of your ideas and nurturing their growth and development. Now its beginning to pay off and you see the promise of return from your actions and investments. Flowers are fragile, however, and must be well tended and protected from extreme conditions. Remember it’s the flower that becomes the fruit for the harvest. You won’t be reaping benefits quite yet but conditions will be favorable and things will begin to show real progress. You, like the flower, are somewhat delicate during this Cycle and you may find yourself feeling sensitive, unsettled and anxious. As the year progresses conditions will improve and strengthen for you. Keep yourself well hydrated and nourished and keep a close eye on your maturing opportunities. Appreciate how far you have come, enjoy your accomplishments as they begin to manifest around you. You will begin to see fruit towards the end of this Cycle!

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Harvest; flowers drop, fruit ripens and seeds mature for the harvest
As the flowers fade and fall from the plant the fruit is revealed. This is an exciting time; the harvest is in and ready to pick! Now is the time for you to materialize your efforts and reap what you have sowed. Your fruit it there for the taking and you can complete your undertakings and enjoy the results of all your hard work. No need to start anything new cycle; this is your Cycle to profit from the seeds you sowed previously buy collecting the harvest. Enjoy the success of your efforts over the past seven years. Opportunities abound for you; bring your activities to completion to enjoy your harvest! Celebrate and receive as conditions are in your favor.

| Forecast Cycles | Ensele May 2022

Composting; plants dies to feed the soil as fallen fruit holds seed for the next cycle of growth.
After the plant produces seed and fruit for the harvest period it dies back or go dormant. Leaves fall to the ground and breakdown to become nutrients for next year’s growth.

A renewal time follows the harvest in the garden. All the faded plants and vines are composted, given time to break down and then returned to the soil.

This is a resting and renewing Cycle for you as well. Take this time to go inward and replenish yourself; pay attention to personal needs and to the needs of those close to you. Enjoy this quiet time and let your experience ripen into good soil for the new seeds you will soon be planting. This is the time to design your new garden and give thought to what you want to plant and harvest. Know that as you rest and enjoy yourself, you have the opportunity to rebuild yourself on every level for new opportunities during your next nine cycle period.

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