Discover the Powerful Healing Properties of Ozone: How Ozone is a Powerful Oxidant and Disinfectant?

Ozone Protocols

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and disinfectant that has been used for medical purposes since the late 1800s. It was first used to treat ailments such as asthma and sinusitis but has become popular in recent years as a natural healing agent. Read on to learn more about Ozone Protocols including what ozone is and how it’s used to treat various conditions.

Ozone is three oxygen atoms bonded together into a molecule that has powerful oxidizing properties. We breathe oxygen in the air, but ozone naturally occurs in lightning storms and can be created by heating an oxygen-rich compound such as sodium chlorite with ultraviolet light or electricity.

Ozone Protocols Improve Health Conditions

Ozone Protocols are simply treatments using ozone therapy to improve health conditions. For example, Ozone Protocols for sinusitis may combine cleansing of the nasal passages with direct inhalation of ozone therapy to kill off disease-causing pathogens. Several ozone protocols exist for asthma clients including breathing treatments, therapies, combined with dietary changes that help reduce inflammation associated with asthma attacks.

The history of the use of ozone includes experiments dating back to the late 1800s. Acute ozone exposure causes oxidative damage to cells, but slowly increasing concentrations of ozone therapy can stimulate immune function and thus improve health conditions. Ozone is currently an alternative treatment for conditions including cancer, stroke, infections, arthritis, burns, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders such as lupus and systemic sclerosis (scleroderma), Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), depression, schizophrenia, sickle cell disease, migraines, pneumonia, hepatitis C infection, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), gum diseases, gout, Lyme disease…the list goes on!

Customized Ozone Protocols Exist 

Customized Ozone Protocols exist depending on your specific condition and overall health condition. Many people begin with holistic treatments such as dietary changes, supplement and then move onto Ozone Protocols to improve health conditions.

Ozone has been shown to have positive effects on respiratory infections by removing bacteria and viruses that cause disease. It has also been shown to break down biofilms which are sticky gel-like substances produced by certain types of bacteria as a means of protection against exposure to antibiotics, disinfectants, etc. Thus, Ozone Protocols can be important for treating chronic infections such as Lyme disease which often require aggressive therapies in order to completely eliminate the condition.

Natural Healing Centers

Ozone therapy is given to clients in high doses which are designed to raise the levels of oxygen in the blood. This helps clear bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites from the body more quickly.

High-dose ozone therapy has been found effective against infections such as Lyme disease that are difficult to eradicate with conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics or other medical therapies. As you can see, Ozone Protocols have many uses ranging from treating cancer to digestive disorders and everything in between! If you’d like to learn more about how ozone can help improve your health conditions, consult Ensele’s qualified therapist who specializes in this alternative treatment method today.

High Dose Ozone Therapy for Eliminating Infections

Ozone is an oxidant molecule that kills microorganisms through various mechanisms. Ozone with higher concentrations is used for its potential to treat cancer, infections, arthritis, chronic inflammation, and more.

  • Killing bacteria by disrupting cellular membranes with reactive oxygen species (ROS).
  • Ozone is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which also helps with pain relief by blocking the transmission of pain signals. High concentrations are not needed for this purpose, however, because it’s just as effective when inhaled in smaller doses.
  • Improving circulation and helping to heal wounds The high levels of oxygen increase the number of red blood cells within the body while also stimulating white blood cells to fight infections more effectively. More red blood cells mean more hemoglobin which means more oxygen delivered throughout the body!  

Ozone Therapy can be an important natural treatment approach for people suffering from chronic illness due to its powerful antioxidant properties that help restore balance within the body. If you’re looking for alternative treatments such as ozone therapy, please give our Natural Healing Center a call today.

Resolution: Ozone therapy is effective in treating a number of health conditions from chronic fatigue syndrome to arthritis. The mechanism behind the effectiveness of ozone treatments is that they elevate oxygen levels within the body which increases circulation and helps your body heal itself! This natural approach makes it an ideal alternative treatment method for individuals suffering from chronic illness who are unable to find relief through conventional medical therapies alone. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of ozone treatments or how they can help improve your current health condition, feel free to contact Ensele’s team today! We provide expert advice on Ozone Protocols for various health conditions including asthma, etc.

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