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Our approach to Addiction

Based on the individual, we create a custom treatment plan that targets specific frequencies and locations in the brain. For example, a client who is suffering from addiction or substance abuse will need neurofeedback in specific areas of the brain. Neuroplasticity is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections and brain waves becoming balanced. 

When our clients that struggle with addiction follow through with their custom treatment plan, the dependency and desires fall away naturally.


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Regardless of your age or health concerns, our state-of-the-art healing center is designed to foster optimal health in mind, body, and spirit. Our clients are people of all ages and conditions, even pets! Ailments and disease are caused by imbalances in our brain and body. We incorporate cutting-edge alternative technologies to restore balance in the brain and body. Our clients are empowered to awaken their highest potential of health for a greater sense of well-being & living regardless of where they live. All our services are available remotely through in home rental devices. Our clients see results in days and make life changes in under 30 days.

Addiction Testimonial

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"I was on adderall for 5 years and felt slave to the drug. Any time I tried to come off of the medication I would experience horrible physical and emotional symptoms. I tried so many doctors and nothing worked, they would just prescribe me other medications that made my symptoms worse. A friend of mine told me to try neurofeedback and that is when I found Selene. I was skeptical because of my previous experiences but within 3 weeks of treatment I was able to start reducing my intake of the adderall without experiencing the awful withdrawal symptoms. After an additional 3 weeks of neurofeedback sessions I started to get my creativity back and have almost made a full recovery!
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"I am a 31 year old male professional athlete and I used drugs for 9 years. I tried everything under the sun including blood transfers and other advanced methods. After 4 rehab clinics and trying everything, my good friend found Selene. I was desperate, but there was no way I would stop using. Selene assured me the pain I was numbing would heal on its own and that my need to use would disappear. She asked me to just follow the plan of 7 sessions (2 per day for 4 days) month after month till my craving to use stopped. We began the process on December and by April1st, I was done. No desire to use,totally a natural decision. I called her up and said, ok now what? She said, ok now change your habits. That was three years ago, clean and sober, my professional career back on track. I owe my life."
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I've been coming to Ensele since August and Selene has completely changed my life around. I'm so grateful to have someone so passionate about what they do, do everything they can to get me back to living my best life! In just these few months I have stopped smoking cigarettes(huge for me!!), eating healthier, sleeping better, and my extreme anxiety is now something I am actually coping with. Which comes hand in hand with my self esteem; I've finally started to really feel like I love who I am seeing in the mirror everyday. It's been years since I've felt that way! (I've even lost some weight just from living a healthier lifestyle!!) All in all I am so grateful for Ensele, and Selene, and the whole amazing crew. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend to a friend!! 🙂
John wick
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What can I say...Selene and her team are nothing short of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Selene is great! She has been so giving of her time and resources with me from the beginning. She even had my youngest daughter come by for a few sample sessions. She is very accommodating and reassuring of the process and your results, in fact, she guarantees them! Having said that, I do want to give an honest account of the Brain Wave optimization results for anyone considering this therapy. I went through the initial seven sessions, which they call foundational, and at first was disappointed with my results. I think that reading all the wonderful reviews and the positive changes they had brought about in people’s lives really made me set the bar high in regards to my expectations of the results I could attain. Sadly, in the beginning, I felt my brain went in reverse instead of forward (caveat- I have a long history of alcohol use and a history of childhood trauma). One of the negative side effects were nightmares, and a lot of old emotional pain being flushed up. However, Selene was reassuring throughout the whole process and made herself available to me if I needed it. Selene suggested I come in for an additional 3 sessions because my brain reading showed my emotional center was a little stuck. So please be mindful, results may vary. Overall, I am happy with my experience with Ensele--from the great customer service to the subtle shifts I am beginning to witness within. Thank you, Selene!- Lizzy S. Newbury Park, CA

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